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"Ukraine European Study Services for African & Asian Students" represents official website of Study in Ukraine a project run in cooperation with numerous Ukrainian universities based on mutual agreement (State or National 4th level accreditation)

"Ukraine European Study Services for African & Asian Student" specializes in comprehensive assistance of ambitious foreign students who aspire to Study in Ukraine.

"Ukraine European Study Services for African & Asian Student" has been providing expert education services to foreign students since 2000 and has successfully enrolled countless foreign students to Ukrainian Universities. We provide the support to all aspects of services to our clients.

Ukraine is the best platform for higher education among the Eastern/ Central European countries and most exciting place for business and tourism. In Ukraine, as in other developed countries, higher education is considered to be one of the main human values. Ukraine has inherited from the past, a very well-developed and multifunctional system of higher education. The establishment of the national higher education system is based on the new legislative and methodological grounds. It provides for the entirely new qualitative level of expert's training, increase in academic and professional mobility of graduates, greater openness, democratic principles of teaching and raising the youth, accession of Ukraine's Universities into the world community.

We all know that admission to Medical, Engineering/ Technical, Aviation and Economic Universities and Colleges has been tough all the times due to the competitions of extra ordinary high grades, inaccessible financial involvements and government's awkward educational policies, but the number of students to study Medicine, Engineering, Aviation Business & many related programs to the contrary, is always increasing.

Yet, enrolling into a course abroad does not come without its set of challenges. You need to gain clarity on the different courses on offer, which ones align with your career goals and fit best with your personality type and how to go about applying for them. In addition, overseas education comes with a heavy price tag.

What you need is an education consultancy to help you with all this and more.“Ukrainian

Ukraine European Study Services for African & Asian Students” is an overseas education consultancy providing a vast range of services to students who aspire to study abroad. Our experienced team advise students on educational opportunities in the top Medical, Engineering, Economic, Computer and Aviation Universities of Ukraine, Poland, Georgia, Belarus, Russia, Bulgaria and Lithuania. Furthermore, we assist you with the admission process and provide guidance on career choices. Once you gain admission in a university of your choice, we assist you with the application process for your student visa, travel and housing facilities. We also give you a pre-departure brief to prepare you for the new college and culture you will embrace.

Our studying center, Ukraine European Study Services for African & Asian Students, has been paying a lot of attention to seek partners/ agents worldwide in order to provide better services to international students who are interested to Study in Ukraine . What we need from our partners/agents is their professional and sincere cooperation with us.

We are looking for associates in all African and Asian countries. Looking at this scenario, “Ukraine Ukraine European Study Services for African & Asian Students” has exploited this opportunity and offers you to recruit your bona fide students in renowned Universities of Ukraine where Medicine, Engineering & Business/ Management can be taught in English with same soul and spirit as elsewhere in Western Europe or USA but at lower cost.

"Ukraine European Study Services for African & Asian Students” prides itself as an innovative organization dedicated to raising the quality of education, intellect and human capital. Its mission is to provide quality and multifaceted consultancy in education and training.

We guarantee that you can organize your future education, business plans, trips and tours to Ukraine , a lot better with our professional assistance.

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